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I am a certified professional resume writer and strive to create the most professional and eye-catching resume and present YOUR story! Nowadays recruiters will review hundreds of resumes each week by utilizing applicant tracking systems. Are they the best avenue to get a job? Nope!

My job is to utilize the right verbiage and key terms through building your resume with not just tasks and responsibilities, but also quantifiable numbers. I coach you on how to network versus applying to job boards. I work with you personally, each step of the way, to produce a customized resume and have experience in multiple industries and fields.

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  • You're a professional who wants to increase your chances for getting a job in the field you love
  • You've provided incredible results with past companies
  • You have what it takes to be successful at any company


  • You don't know what to highlight on your resume
  • You struggle with what format to use or what the latest trends are
  • You have career gaps or have been job-hopping
  • You're frustrated and overwhelmed with the next steps


  • A piece of marketing material that represents YOU
  • Increased confidence
  • A resume that gets through the tracking systems
  • Someone who understands what you've done, who you are and where you are going

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Write My Resume!


I've been there - I'm here to help! You want a resume that speaks to who you are, what value you add, makes you stand out and designed to get you to the next step in the employment process: the interview.

Let’s review what a resume isn’t:

  • It isn’t a log of your job history.
  • It isn’t a summary of skills.
  • It isn’t going to automatically get you a job.

What a resume IS:

  • It lays out your specific accomplishments.
  • It is a living document meant to sell yourself.
  • It is a document that is meant to grab attention and fast.

Get your resume right, and you’ll be getting replies from most companies you reach out to.

If your resume game is weak, you’ll end up sitting around for weeks, maybe even months, before you even get a single response or interview.

So you’re probably wondering how to get a resume that gets HR managers and recruiters to call you? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let me take that stress away!

My job is to make you shine and stand out from the crowd. I use recruiter-approved resumes that quickly demonstrate your abilities and stays out of the "no” pile before it gets a fair review.

Whether you stay in a career related to the one you’re in now, or you make a change, I’ll focus on building your resume accordingly to assist you in landing offers! 

Write My Resume!